Alexandra Miller gives us sensual vocals and sexy bassline in latest single ‘Trampoline’ | Emerging Talent

Alexandra Miller’s story begins with her French-Spanish mother and her Irish father. She remembers her first musical influences, beginning with her Irish grandfather, who was an avid opera fan and loved subjecting his guests to extremely high decibel renderings of his favourite pieces which were, de facto, forcefully assimilated within their very DNA.

She joined the Nice opera (children’s section) at 9 years of age, acquiring a rigourous classical training for almost 10 years.

At the same time her major influences were the great pop artists of the time including Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson.

She first began singing publicly at 16 when she joined a local French band who played festivals and events throughout the French Riviera. She has since played at hundreds of events and shows in France and abroad.

From 2015, Alexandra Miller began writing her own songs and music and started to plan the outlines of a future solo career. Hard-working and perfectionist, she took her time moving forward in a very methodical step-by-step manner. She taught herself guitar, polished her image, vision and goals, refined her artistic personality, worked to perfect her compositions, etc, etc. She has selected a number of them for her 1st solo EP called “Sweetest Morning” which will be released in 2023.

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