Baby Pink drops highly anticipated EP ‘Crocodile’ | New Music

Baby Pink, a British/Australian musician based in East London, is causing a stir in the R&B scene with her distinctive and genre-defying music. Her sound artfully combines neo-soul, pop, electronica, and hip hop, and is marked by shimmering instrumentation and captivating vocals that are rapidly earning her a name as a rising star in the music industry.

Baby Pink’s music is known for its honest and hard-hitting lyrics that are also emotive and immersive. Her latest offering, the immersive 4-track EP titled “Crocodile,” showcases her unique sound with musical elements that glisten in the mix and create a unique atmosphere that will soothe your soul. The EP features tracks like “Take Notice,” which is sprinkled with urban influences and accompanied by driving drums and atmospheric synths. Meanwhile, “Fool Me Once” showcases a more vulnerable side to Baby Pink, with softly penned but equally emotive vocals.

In describing the EP, Baby Pink says, “Crocodile is a pop/R&B project narrating the fallout of a relationship and focusing on the fulfillment and empowerment that come with leaving a sour situation.” Her music is a reflection of her life experiences and is both current and fiercely independent.

Baby Pink’s recent single “Crocodile” has already garnered the attention of industry tastemakers, with ‘Take Notice’ following suit. Her EP is set to propel her even further. With a growing fanbase and an eclectic musical catalog, Baby Pink is one to watch in the world of R&B.

With the release of “Crocodile,” Baby Pink continues to solidify her place as one of the most exciting and innovative artists in the world of R&B. We can’t wait to see where her music will take her next.

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