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Boost your brain this Classical Music Month | Tips

Boost your brain this Classical Music Month | Tips

With September each year comes Classical Music Month, and now is the perfect time to explore, learn and create all things classical. This whole month dedicated to classical music is a celebration of everything from historical compositions by Beethoven and Mozart, to more modern and contemporary pieces by Ludovico Einaudi and Arvo Pärt amongst others. 

In 1994 Classical Music Month was made official by Bill Clinton and since then, venues, artists, concert halls, and orchestras across the globe have held concerts and workshops throughout the month of September to celebrate. 

Those who enjoy listening to classical music often do it for the entertainment factor, but interestingly, studies have shown that classical music can also have some incredibly positive effects on the human body and mind. From helping in the treatment of depression to lowering blood pressure and improving heart health, there have been many studies conducted globally that have shown music, particularly classical music, to have a positive impact. 

Wondering how you can celebrate Classical Music Month? How about dusting off that instrument you haven’t played for a while, or perhaps challenging yourself to learn something new? Whether it be percussion, woodwind, or brass, step out of your comfort zone and study something classical. If you don’t fancy yourself as a musician, dedicating some time each week to discovering, listening to, and giving a chance to some classical music you haven’t heard before is a great place to start. 

A great way to get started on your classical music journey is to check out some of the other benefits it could have on your life and health here.


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