Bradley Foster stretches out that onwards and upwards mentality on the cloud-finding SOMEDAY (feat. Izzy Dawson) | New Music

Bradley Foster is a Devon, UK-born indie hip hop artist who has smartly used his music gifts to find his true path in this confusing world.

Skillfully produced by Yogic Beats, Bradley Foster and Izzy Dawson combine rather brilliantly and urges us to let go of that dusty doubt and only breathe in positive vibrations. Holding the elevator door open for us as they wink at our souls, this is a heartfelt gem that you will probably end up playing over and over, to soothe your worries away into thin air.

SOMEDAY is the lead single from my album, expressing hope and self-belief. I was inspired to write this song after coming back from Sri Lanka, where my perspective shifted, and my mentality progressed into a state of wanting to address my problems and grow.” ~ Bradley Foster

With his much-awaited concept album To Reach Blue Skies on the way soon, Bradley Foster is rather terrific on this no-more-negative-energy anthem that will surely make your smile return again. The lyrics are so unbelievably inspiring and close those unhelpful past traumas away forever.

SOMEDAY (feat. Izzy Dawson) from Devon, UK-based indie hip hop artist Bradley Foster is an excellent track about that self-love we all need to believe in. Helping us find our feet and those happy gloves which shall make our hands warm with confidence, this is exactly the message this healing planet needed. Guiding us into a better place and reminding us that we need to dance joyfully while we can and remember what we’re fighting for, this is a glorious song made with such love and care. Brushing off the doubt is the much-needed message, as we find a guiding light away from the darkness. 

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