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Cabus reveals lofi-tinged pop single ‘Poison’ | New Music

Cabus reveals lofi-tinged pop single ‘Poison’ | New Music

Cabus is an emerging artist with a distinct vision. Their slow-burning new track ‘Poison’ features distant samples and stacked vocal harmonies, manipulated to create a standout sonic creation. This glistening track is released alongside new EP ‘PSYCHO’, a sepia-tinged collection of Cabus’ work as an artist.

Speaking further about the track, Cabus reveals:

“‘Poison’ is about the breakup with my partner of 6 years. It was a period in the relationship where the writing was on the wall as we were constantly fighting which ultimately led to that person leaving me.  It also serves as the introduction to the release of my EP “PYSCHO”.  I went crazy for a second but it was with the help of a great therapist, my family, some real friends, and my spirituality that really helped me figure it out and start living again.  I wrote and recorded the song in a storage unit-turned studio in Garland, TX.  The song is also the introduction to the rest of the EP which was written and recorded in that same studio.  With Caleb Turman (Forever The Sickest Kids) and Grant Thompson (Drugstore Cowboy).  The EP was recorded was recorded on and off from 2019-2022.  I say on and off because of the worldwide pandemic.  There were some days I wasn’t sure this music would ever see the light of day as complete project but regardless of how crazy everything got, I was determined to see the process through and share my story with the world.” 

Cabus is an artist focused on authenticity instead of pleasing the masses. As well as their work as a musician, Cabus is also a host of the Artist Uprising podcast, proving their commitment to the music industry.

‘Poison’ is out now!




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