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Well that’s nearly a wrap on 2023 and what a year it’s been for disco, disco house and Boogie with a plethora of incredible releases showcasing the strength and depth of the scene across the globe. Disco Juice which has been a real barometer of that scene for the last couple of years so if you want to hear all that is good in the disco universe you can check all the back issues of Disco Juice HERE.

This month you can catch Yam Who live when he drops in on Filly Brook for a Christmas special on the 16th December in East London.

As always Midnight Riot is cooking up a disco storm in December getting us all fully equiped for a big month of festive parties with releases from Lux Experience, Guy Preston, denjamin Ferreira and Sammy Deuce and the Soul Sonic Orchestra. There is also the eagerly anticipated end of Year compilation in the shape of The Finest 2023 which is packed with goodness. You can check Yam Who’s mix of all the tracks from the compilation along with more info on that below!

Now with a very festive Ho Ho Ho, let me hand you over Midnight Riot Don and LV Disco Editor Yam Who? for the tracks that will see us throwing some Christmas shapes in the coming month.

Disco Juice 9 Essential tunes of the month
Jamiroquai Sheila B Devotion Dave Lees Essentials Sampler 12

Jamiroquai / Sheila B & Devotion – Dave Lee’s Essentials Sampler (12″)

[Z Records]

We all know Dave Lee is a dedicated enthusiast of house and disco since year dot and without further ado he rounds of the year with a vinyl sampler from this year’s ZR Essentials collection.

The offering includes two of his expertly crafted reworks, starting with a rendition of Jamiroquai’s ‘Little L.’ Lee transforms it into a funk-infused cosmic delight, preserving the original’s synth flourishes, melodic hooks, and orchestration while adding elements like slap bass, replayed rhodes, and robust new drums. This remix ensures it’s a guaranteed dancefloor hit in virtually any setting.

Flip side is his Disco Fantasy mix of Shelia & B Devotion’s 1979 hit ‘Spacer.’ Drawing inspiration from the timeless work of Chic, this remix infuses a more retro disco sound into the track with added clav, new string parts, and expressive soloing keys breathe new life into ‘Spacer,’ providing the extended DJ mix it lacked upon its original release.

Grab it HERE

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Young Pulse Fleur De Mur Smooth Sweet Talker

Young Pulse & Fleur De Mur – Smooth Sweet Talker


In a dazzling disco collaboration, Parisian producer Young Pulse and London artist Fleur De Mur present ‘Smooth Sweet Talker,’ a vibrant release on Glitterbox. Both artists share a deep appreciation for disco and its diverse sub-genres.

‘Smooth Sweet Talker’ serves as a heartfelt homage to classic disco, adorned with all the essential elements. Fleur’s vocalizations, coupled with distinct spoken word sections, punctuate Young Pulse’s signature bass guitar licks, brass instrumentation, and captivating string runs, creating an authentic throwback atmosphere. The collaboration seamlessly blends their talents, resulting in a track that captures the essence of disco’s golden era.

Grab it HERE

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Various The Finest 2023

Various – The Finest : 2023

[Midnight Riot]

Midnight Riot unveils ‘The Finest 2023,’ a compilation featuring 22 tracks from top talents on the label. True to the Riot style, the album seamlessly blends disco, boogie, nu-disco, and house, capturing the eclectic musical landscape of 2023.

Standout tracks include Opolopo’s sun-soaked remix of Danny Kane and Princess Freesia’s ‘I Love The Way You Do,’ Yam Who? & Mr Smith’s 80s disco-style reimagining of ‘Let’s Go Together’ featuring Suki Soul, and PowerDress & Jon Pearn’s ‘The Way We Move’ with its trademark Compass Point sound, simultaneously nostalgic and modern.

The end-of-year party vibes continue with Da Lukas’s block-rocking anthem ‘Drop The Funk,’. Sammy Deuce’s synth-heavy perfection in ‘Say It Again,’ the infectious low-slung funk brilliance of Guy Prestons’s ‘Purple Heart,’ and the chart-topping brilliance of Jaegerossa’s ‘Side Of Soul.’

Grab it HERE

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Gianni Binis Friday Night

Gianni Bini’s – Friday Night

[Groove Culture]

Gianni Bini’s debut album, “The House Of Glass,” unveils its first single, “Friday Night.” This enchanting dance-pop track seamlessly blends the vibrancy of Disco Music with orchestral elements. The song’s main ingredients, including strings, bass, rhodes, and clavinet, come together in perfect harmony, showcasing meticulous arrangement and excellent production. Gianni Bini’s expertise shines through, solidifying his position as one of the most talented dance music producers not only in Italy but globally.

The package includes an even larger than life peaktime Micky More & Andy Tee Mix featuring vibes and Trombone galore adding an extra layer of musical richness. “Friday Night” is undeniably a must-have in Gianni Bini’s musical journey.

Grab it HERE

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Fabio Santanna ASA

Fabio Santanna – ASA

[Dippin’ Records]

Straight from Rio de Janeiro, Dippin’ Records introduces the studio album ‘ASA’, by the sizzling hot modern Brazilian Multi-instrumentalist/Producer Fabio Santanna. Flyest modern Brazilian tropical disco-boogie you’ll find in the market!

Following up on his most recent collaborations with JKriv and Joutro Mundo, Fabio modernizes the MPB vibes of Joao Donato, Marcos Valle, Ed Motta for the current dance music lovers. ASA evokes a sunny Balearic boogie ‘day time’ feels just in time for the Brazilian summer skies opening up. So sit back, put on your shades and sip on your tropical drinks and press play to vibe with the fabulous Fabio sounds.

Grab it HERE

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Divine Who Altared Disco Volume 2 1

Divine Who – Altared Disco – Volume 2

[Divine Discs]

In the continuation of its exploration into the vinyl domain, Divine Discs presents the second volume of its Altered Disco series, matching the excellence of its inaugural release.

The journey kicks off with unbridled joy in the form of ‘Dance.’ This track is a celebration of monumental choruses, hip-swaying claps, and grand piano chords, making it an irresistible addition to any party playlist.

Segueing into a more emotional terrain is ‘Feel,’ a composition that delves deeper into the realm of feelings. Here, a captivating choir delivers uplifting vocals alongside funky guitar riffs, infusing the track with a touch of gospel goodness.

On the flip side, the B-side introduces ‘Never Turn Back’ (Jaegerossa remix), a robust and energetic disco jam. The remix amplifies the joyous atmosphere with additional exuberant chord work & big time happy vibes.

Grab it HERE

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Various Artists ‘Dafia Records Remixes Vol.1

Various Artists – ‘Dafia Records Remixes Vol.1’

[Dafia Records]

Since Mannix, the seasoned Austrian House Music veteran, inaugurated Dafia Records in 2021, the label has swiftly garnered momentum and support.

‘Dafia Records Remixes Vol.1’ stands as a jubilant celebration of the remix talent that has graced Dafia, showcasing a curated selection of the label’s finest reworks to date.

Renowned artists such as OPOLOPO, DJ Meme, Phonk D, K-Klass, Mijangos, North Street West, Birdee, Hotmood, Terrence Parker, Qwestlife, The Reflex, Walterino, and T Markakis have all contributed their polished skills to this release. Alongside these accomplished remixers, there are also reinterpretations of Mannix’s own work. This collection encapsulates the essence of Dafia Records, a testament to its commitment to quality and musical finesse.

Grab it HERE

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The KBCS I Wish You A World Of Happiness

The KBCS – I Wish You A World Of Happiness

[Sonar Kollektiv]

Sonar Kollektiv are very proud to present a sweet slice of obscure Philly soul with deep connections to our very own Berlin family.

Shirley Turner’s 1965 recording of I Wish You A World Of Happiness has long been a crate digger’s delight. The recording was largely forgotten about as Shirley grew up and had a family, that is until her son started playing with the dubplate as a child.

Shirley‘s son is Sonar Kollektiv’s very own Hollis P. Monroe – and now receives a very special reissue, alongside a rather stunning cover version from Hamburg based quartet, The KBCS, featuring the vocal talents of Nora Becker.

Grab it HERE

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Andres Andres V Album

Andres – Andres V (Album)

[Mahogani US]

Los Charly’s Orchestra returns with a spellbinding infusion of Jazz, Funk, and Disco, aptly titled “Vibration.” Stepping up their commitment to “100% live recorded music,” Juan Laya and Jorge Montiel, along with their talented LCO ensemble, have crafted what could be their most authentic fusion track to date.

LCO finds its roots in the vibrant British Jazz Funk scene, the brainchild of Los Charly’s Orchestra, led by producers Juan Laya and Jorge Montiel since 2007, whilst being London-based, they proudly embrace their identity as creators of an eclectic musical tapestry. Their universal language of music serves as a vessel to transmit their message across the globe.

Grab it HERE

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Disco Juice Essential White 2
Andy Yam Who

Yam Who?

Yam Who is a DJ, producer, label boss at Midnight Riot and ISM Records and one half of Glitterbox signed Qwestlife.

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