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Foreword by Le Visiteur

Huge announcement time as The Sounds of Midnight Riot takes over the legendary Street Sounds Radio weekly, every Friday from 11PM – 1AM for two hours of the finest disco and disco edged house.

Street Sounds Small

Joining Midnight Riot heads Yam Who? and Jaegerossa will be a team of residents from across the Disco universe. With the show having already kicked off with none-other than French hero Young Pulse dropping a spellbinding set last Friday, you know exactly what to expect.

Up this Friday 8th March, is none other than Adam Nova, an artist who has been delivering some incredible releases recently. He is closely followed by Faz, DJ Emma and our own John Le Visiteur on the 29th March, so look out for that one!

With a serious pipeline of releases coming from Disco Sparks, Sonic Soul ORchestra, Groovemasta, Jaegerossa and Birdee, it’s safe to say Midnight Riot is on fire right now.

To top things off this month you can also catch Jaegerossa up at the Scottish Disco Festival on the 31st March. BIG month ahead x

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Now I’ll hand you over to Le Visiteur disco Editor Yam Who? to deliver the 9 hottest disco releases for March 2024. Some crazy heat in there x

Disco Juice 9 Essential tunes of the month
Peacey - Playground feat Rona Ray

Peacey – Playground feat Rona Ray

[AtJazz Records]

Debuting with “Play It By Ear,” Peacey’s album is a scholarly body of work, emerging from the esteemed Atjazz Record Company in Derby, UK.

The collaboration with Rona Ray on this single, the third from the upcoming album, was a highlight of their busy 2023. “Playground” is a mid-paced boogie gem, a magical blend of two talents creating musical elegance.

Whether you’re at home with headphones, in a bar, or on the dance floor, this track will get your hips moving. Rona Ray’s stellar vocals shine, effortlessly weaving between verses and choruses with perfect backing vocals.

For DJs, Peacey offers a slightly faster ACID MIX and ACID DUB MIX, nodding to the 1980s with a charming 303 bassline. Get ready to fall in love with these versions just as we have.

Grab it HERE

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Third Attempt - Keep Your Head Up (Flash Atkins Remix)

Third Attempt – Keep Your Head Up (Flash Atkins Remix)

[Beat Service]

Flash Atkins, the renowned Manchester-based producer, needs little introduction. He’s a staple on the iconic Paper Recordings, known for his glittering disco-centric tunes and collaborations with artists like Kathy Diamond, Leilani, George Demure, and Danielle Moore.

In this release, he offers refined versions of Third Attempt’s ‘Keep Your Head Up’ from the ‘Momentary Bliss’ album. The main remix boosts the drums for added drive to the dreamy vibe, with spacey overdubs and staccato synths adding a psychedelic touch to the original’s memorable strings and piano.

The ‘Dub’ strips down the orchestration, letting the rhythm shine with a hypnotic riff driving a floor-focused groove. This motif carries into the atmospheric ‘Reprise’, where drums yield to celestial harmonics and evocative vocals.

Three stunning interpretations, ready to elevate various musical moods – from the main room to the back room and beyond! Check out the music and share your feedback on the files.

Grab it HERE

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Various - Colin Curtis presents Jazz Dance Fusion

Various – Colin Curtis presents Jazz Dance Fusion

[Z Records]

Colin Curtis returns with Volume 4, a meticulously curated collection of the finest Jazz Dance Fusion records. This volume offers a blend of new releases, unreleased gems, and tracks deserving wider recognition. Featuring a stellar lineup of Jazz Dance music from the UK and around the globe, these compilations aim to introduce you to exceptional talent, encouraging exploration of their extensive works to keep the movement thriving.

Prepare for brand new and exclusive releases, incredibly rare finds, and vinyl debuts from Brazil, Cuba, Japan, Italy, USA, UK, and beyond. This compilation provides another glimpse into Colin Curtis’s world of Jazz Dance Fusion, showcasing the remarkable diversity and talent across Vocal Jazz, Salsa, Latin Spoken Word, Sambas, and Fusion. Buckle up for a Jazztastic journey!

Grab it HERE

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Jaegerossa - Two From The Top

Jaegerossa – Two From The Top

[Midnight Riot]

Jaegerossa steps in 2024 with the four to the floor piano juggernaut ‘Two From The Top’.

After an amazing 2023 which included him being in the top 150 producers on traxsource, radio plays from Mark Knight and Jamie Jones, support on his “Side of Soul” and “Richards Gear” tracks from the likes of – Dave Lee JN, Mr V, The Reflex, John Morales, Young Pulse, Birdee, and many more. he returns for 2024 with with this super catchy vocal with a poignant message for today’s world climate.

Grab it HERE

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Kapote - Electric Slide EP

Kapote – Electric Slide EP

[Toy Tonics]

Toy Tonics drops a fresh EP by label head honcho, featuring 4 tracks blending Italo Disco, New Wave Funk, and NYC 90s House vibes. Perfect for the 2024 dancefloors’ Y2K resurgence.

Kapote’s releases are a rare treat, as he’s primarily known as a musician and producer. His scarce releases are due to his busy schedule, jet-setting to DJ sets worldwide, from Berlin’s Panorama Bar to London’s Phonox, and festivals like Melt or Kala.

Kapote and his crew at Toy Tonics fuse analog and live band energy with digital production, crafting a distinct sound influenced by European underground disco, American house, afro beats, new wave, and soulful electronica.

Grab it HERE

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Various Artists - Edition Four

Various Artists – Edition Four

[Boogie Angst]

Welcome to Boogie Angst Edition Four, a compilation bursting with 17 tracks.

Featuring talents like Titeknots, LUXXURY, Rodney Hunter, and Marcel Vogel & LYMA, it kicks off with Titeknots’ “Feels Good 2 Me”, a disco funk gem. Marcel Vogel & LYMA follow with “Funk Money”, a luxurious groove, and Moods’ “Treat U Good” with Noah Slee, Meron & Lyriya, a funk, soul & R&B masterclass. Exclusive remixes like LYMA’s take on Inkswel and Colonel Red’s “This Side” dive deep into electronic grooves.

Art Of Tones remixes LUXXURY’s “Just Like It Was Before” for timeless dance-floor enchantment. Georges adds syncopated jazz with “Karma”, Meeka Kates brings “Laredo” with funky guitars, and Kraak & Smaak’s “All I Need” with iogi offers an ethereal journey. Rodney Hunter’s “Hear My Call” sets a seductive mood.

Kraak & Smaak team up with Turbotito on “My All” for balearic vibes, and Osunlade remixes Casbah 73’s “Let’s Invade The Amazon” for a spiritual deep house trip. Alexander IV’s “Wax” is a funky live instrument bonanza, King Mutapa’s “Gimme That Funk” channels 70s disco, and FUTVRST’s “The Feeling” brings indie vibes and post-disco allure.

Grab it HERE

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Sam Redmore - Glow

Sam Redmore – Glow

[Jalapeno Records]

Glow’ is the first track to be released from Sam Redmore’s second album due later this year. As a statement of intent it is glorious. No vocals required at this stage – just an unrelenting broken beat groove building and building to a spine tingling piano breakdown.

Expect to hear this as a staple of open minded DJ’s sets throughout 2024. In Sam’s own words, “Glow is a very special track for me. One of the first to come together for the new album, I was keen to expand on what I’d done before, bringing the strings and piano to the forefront and allowing them to take centre stage in a way that I maybe wouldn’t have previously had the confidence to do.

Grab it HERE

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Andromeda Orchestra - Swing On

Andromeda Orchestra – Swing On

[Faze Action Records]

Opolopo returns to ZR with a sensational 4-track EP. The opening track, ‘Bebeccie’s Theme,’ showcases Peter’s muso boogie expertise with discreet chords, sophisticated string turnarounds, and deft synth touches. Dutch funkateers Fouk deliver an exclusive remix of ‘Stroke my Disco,’ emphasizing piano and clav workouts for peak-time dancefloors. ‘Looking For You’ brings gospel vibes with freestyle hi-hats, wah guitar-led mod-jazz loops, and a captivating vocal refrain from Darien, leading to a sizzling organ solo by Matt Cooper. The EP concludes with ‘Chocolate Spiders,’ featuring gliding clav licks, spiky piano and synth riffs, and soaring string sections—a vintage Opolopo masterpiece.

Grab it HERE

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Disco Juice Essential White 2
Andy Yam Who

Yam Who?

Yam Who is a DJ, producer, label boss at Midnight Riot and ISM Records and one half of Glitterbox signed Qwestlife.

For more info on Yam Who? please check:

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