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Drew & Sheree Feud Over Ralph Being Gay – Hollywood Life

Drew & Sheree Feud Over Ralph Being Gay – Hollywood Life

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Earlier this season, on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Drew Sidora was told that her assistant, Anthony, was allegedly telling people that her husband, Ralph Pittman, is gay. Drew heard this information through Sheree Whitfield’s friend, Fatum, and she wasn’t happy about it. But after hearing it, she revealed that her same assistant told her that he once worked for Sheree, but Sheree never paid him for his services. So during Part 2 of the RHOA reunion, Andy Cohen tried to get to the bottom of it all.

First, Andy asked Sheree whether she ever confronted Anthony over the information he allegedly told Drew, and she said she did, and he told her that he “never said that.” But Andy and Drew were quick to point out that Anthony said it on the show. Sheree said it was just a dumb narrative that Drew and Anthony were trying to push on her. “I would not be as blessed as I am, if I did not pay [people],” Sheree said.

Then, Andy asked Drew why she acts like Anthony didn’t say Ralph was gay, to which she said, “He said he did not say it.” Then, she played a recording of Ralph and Anthony talking about the accusation, during which Anthony denied it and called Sheree a “b****”. Afterwards, Sheree took it upon herself to call Anthony via FaceTime and see what else she could get out of him in an attempt to vindicate herself. She asked him if he was ever her assistant, and he said, “No”. Then, she asked him whether she owes him any money, and he said, “You don’t owe me anything.”

But Andy didn’t really care about that information — he wanted the good stuff. “Did you say to Sheree that Ralph was gay?” Andy asked Anthony, to which he said, “Maybe at some point in time I did, but I don’t recall doing that.” Drew couldn’t believe that Anthony was now “flipping” the narrative, and Andy got annoyed by Anthony, so he grabbed Sheree’s phone and ended the FaceTime call. “That’s what we need — thank you,” Andy said, knowing that it wasn’t a topic worth diving deeper into.

Later during the reunion, Marlo Hampton revealed more details about her troubled past. Kenya Moore accused her of faking her identity, but Marlo’s birth certificate showed that her real name is Marlo — not LaToya Hutchinson, which is a name that was seen on one of Marlo’s arrest reports. So Marlo laughed at Kenya’s new attempt to take her down.

Want more drama? Part 3 of the RHOA reunion airs next Sunday, Sept. 25, at 8pm on Bravo.


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