Electrohed delivers the carnival-ready anthem ‘Back To Rio’ | New Music

Having already established himself with his formative group Bloco Electro in recent years, emerging producer Gavin Lombos aka Electrohed is now looking to get the party started with his carnival-ready anthem ‘Back To Rio’.

Bringing in all the flair and high-tempo vibes of the samba sound, ‘Back To Rio’ is a fresh and summery gem that brings a bold and exciting direction to the electronic world. With its fun and upbeat tempo keeping the momentum moving forward, his newest cut makes for an incredibly enjoyable listen.

Speaking about ‘Back To Rio’, he said, “Lockdown gave me the time to go back through a bunch of recordings and tracks that I’d been too busy to finish and release and to listen to them with fresh ears. Working on the OSP remixes and recording Indian percussion tracks for Johnny Kalsi and Afro Celt Sound System gave me the impetus to finish some mixes and get them ready to release.”

“Back to Rio features some samples I recorded watching Botafogo play at the Maracana in Rio de Janeiro and the A side of the new Global Beatbox 2 album features field recordings collected on the streets of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil and the streets and subway of New York City mixed with live drums and percussion and old skool beatboxes.”

Check out ‘Back To Rio’ below.

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