Home Independent Music Ella Isaacson releases new anthemic single “RUDE” | New Music

Ella Isaacson releases new anthemic single “RUDE” | New Music

Ella Isaacson releases new anthemic single “RUDE” | New Music

Ella Isaacson is a New York native that is currently living in L.A. She’s quickly gaining the reputation as a rising star in music, with her unique and personable take on pop music gaining her a global fanbase. She’s not new to the music industry however. She spent her childhood creating and crafting irresistible pop songs.

Ella Isaacson is determined to make 2023 her year, putting her first marker down with an anthemic new single called “RUDE.” The track features a vibrant melting pot of playful drums, impactful synths and overdrive soaked guitars. Her vocals smash through the mix, coming soaked in pop sensibilities whilst working hand in glove with well-penned lyrics.

Speaking about the release, she says: “In my previous music I talked about a break up that really broke me down, and I had to find a way to find that self love again and a way to build myself up from my lowest point and form a whole new me. I learned that magnetism, empowerment and sex appeal really comes from within because I saw it in all these amazing women around me, and one particular friend inspired the song during a text conversation while I was in my hotel in Seoul, Korea, writing there.

It’s an energy, that RUDE energy, you put out into the world and people just feel- wow that is one sexy being.’ This is a song that celebrates that powerful bewitching magic that a woman of any kind has when she walks in the world with that self aware confidence that is unshakeable come hell or high water. 

I got in the studio with my friends Allie Crystal (“SNAP” by Rosa Linn) and Mads Rosioru (Imagine Dragons, David Guetta) and then we had David (Vesloki) zoom in and play those epic guitar riffs you hear.”

Amassing over 40 million streams so far, Ella has produced hits such as Ruins which peaked at #10 on US Viral chart and #30 on the Global Viral chart on Spotify. Even though the singer’s inspirations (such as Billy Joel) hail from her New York roots, she’s clearly touching people with her music and words. “There’s the you, you show to the world, and then there’s the version of you nobody really knows but only sees glimpses of. My music is a commentary on that duality and what that can mean for young people struggling to find themselves.”


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