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Eugenia Post Meridiem drop single ‘willpower’ | New Music

Eugenia Post Meridiem drop single ‘willpower’ | New Music

Taken from the sophomore album ‘like i need tension’, ‘willpower’ is a proud single from Eugenia Post Meridiem. Having been supported by CLASH, Billboard, Rolling Stone and more, the 4-piece is set for a glittering return.

Discussing the release, the band say:

Willpower was the first piece we composed after “Life Sleeper”, it was developed from a composition of Matteo (drums) and then reworked in different moments from 2019 to 2021, till the recording sessions.

This song tells something about the onset of a precious thought in the mind of a teenager which keeps growing until it’s shared. Then it starts to insinuate in other minds, as an intuition, a desire, a hope, a fear, or something we always look up to.

In the verses the music reflects the growth of these thoughts through a chord progression that never resolves, then the change of the harmony in the chorus creates a different background (like the change of mind in which these thoughts are growing) and in the final chorus the music develops as if it’s a “shared experience” of minds, a communion of thoughts.”

Stream willpower below:


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