Everyone Back To Mine With Carlo

Carlo has appeared on the pages of Le Visiteur a few times over the years, a producer of great skill he has delivered a multitude or ace house releases across a range of labels including his own Ateral which is well worth checking out.

His latest release is a full artist album Todo Bien which in contrast to his usual house based style blends all of his musical influences into a unique “mixtape”. Begun during the pandemic Carlo immersed himself in creating a sonic landscape that captured the essence of his experiences including sharing the book Where the Wild Things Are” with his son. The album features excerpts from classic animated series such as “The Fruitties”, “Dragon Ball”, “Captain Tsubasa”, “Sesame Street”, “He-Man”, “ThunderCats”, “Mazinger Z”, and “Wacky Races”, it’s Carlo’s own trip through the joys of fatherhood during a period of much worldwide pain.

With a vibe reminiscent of early Nightmares on Wax Tod Bien is a real moment of musical bliss and a gentle salve for the current ills of the world. It’s out now on his Bisiesto label which releases one album every four years on leap Day, February 29th.

You can grab Todo Bien HERE and check it below

To celebrate the release of the album we asked Carlo for an invitations back to his place to sample some of his record collection. As you would expect from an artist so steeped in quality music, he has provided us with a sound track packed with quality from Dave Lee, Black Chunes, Blaze, Monchan, Voyage, Crazy P, Marcus Wyatt and many more.

Everyone Back To Mine With Carlo

AC Soul Symphony – Losing My Mind At The Disco

I love how this track transitions from solely percussion to the most iconic disco “let’s get this party started” mood. It’s fire every time I play it.

Black Chunes – Supernatural (You’ve Got The Funk Mix)

This track just feels like a summer night out: warm and spicy under the moonlight.

Blaze – Lovelee Dae (Janeret Edit)

This revision from Janeret has everything you could ask for: a timeless hook, depth, freshness, and sophistication.

Cedar Sound Workshop – You Make Me Happy (Monchan extended edit)

Vibes for days! Every time I hear this track, I can’t help but imagine sharing a dance with all my friends.

Off – La Casa Latina (Fiesta Grande Mix)

Not everyone knows this side of Sven Väth. I think this track is just perfect for a house party.

Voyage – Souvenirs

I saw Palms Trax playing this summer in my hometown, and he dropped this track for the closing. Beautiful vibes all around.

Crazy P – Disc Odyssey

This Crazy P track delivers after the first break. I love how they change the energy and get everyone dancing in one go.

Marques Wyatt – For Those Who Like to Get Down

Deep, energetic, and soulful. My friend Baloo played this track during one of our B2Bs, and I’ve loved it ever since.

Queen Samantha – Take a Chance

Fresh epic disco vibes perfect for an all-night-long party!

Helen Sharpe – Got 2 Have Your Love (Sweet Soul Mix)

This track is both sexy, and deep, yet also remarkably powerful. Every time I drop it in my sets, people absolutely love it.

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