French talent Lava Lazuli presents Session Acoustique #1 | Emerging Talent

Lava Lazuli is a french singer-pianist-songwriter and performer. She works with French radio host, musical producer and founder of the Tengu Sound System – Karray – who Lava met in 2020. They organised work sessions to define their artistic direction and this is how Lava Lazuli became what she is today. Lava describes their musical relationship as ‘Our musical spirit is like the meeting of an incandescent energy and an intense and calling blue.’

Lava Lazuli released her first EP in November 2022. This EP named Brume vol.1 (means fog in french), contains 4 titles of ambient and melancholic tones mixing Trip Hop, Néo Soul and Pop. Brume vol.1 is the first part of a two volume project. This first volume expresses the will to understand relationships and social interactions in order to find inner peace.




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