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Baldo Verdú is an experimental Reggae-infused artist who has had quite a musical journey to date. His new single ‘Amor’ is a beautifully presented brand of music from Baldo, which he says It’s about Love. The song is called ‘Amor’ (Love in Spanish). Love is global. Love is universal.” This Latin Pop single is highly intoxicating, rhythmic and fun-fulled throughout, and we sat down with this multi-faceted talent to talk all about it, what makes him tick and much more. 

– Hola! I’m doing really well. Thanks for having me.

Sum up your music for us in three words?

– Diverse, rhythmic, fusion.

What got you into Latin and Pop music?

– I’m basically a sponge when it comes to music. I come from a Latin American folkloric musical family, so traditional Latin music is in my blood. I’ve also been involved in several experimental rock, funk and soul bands in the past and played with lots of UK jazz artists, so I take my inspiration from a number of musical genres, but I’ve always been seduced by pop due to its simplicity and straightforwardness.

You’ve had quite a musical journey so far, where’s been your favourite place to be and make music?

– Definitely London. This city has been really good to me, my different music projects and my business.

All I do is related to art in general and after touring the world for a decade after I moved to London, I can 100% say that there’s no city like it for being a musician, a creative and an artist in.

Tell us all about your new single ‘Amor’!

– ‘Amor’ is an Urban Latin Pop tune that I wrote several years ago while I was touring Europe. I wanted to embrace deceptively simple melodies and a minimalistic rhythm section. I released it on the 14th of February for Valentine’s Day.

What was the recording and writing process like for this one?

– It started when I was on a plane flying from Barcelona to Amsterdam after playing Primavera Sound. I hate flying so I always bring my iPad to make some beats and melodies to distract myself. That’s where ‘Amor’ first came to life and it grew from there.

What’s next for Baldo Verdu in 2023?

– Lots of different things. I’ll be releasing a new single every month until I finally release the whole album later this year. I’m also touring in Mexico, Miami and Europe, and planning for Japan at the start of 2024.

Lastly, anything else you want to leave here please do. Thanks for your time!

– My musical output is quite varied from one single to the next. I really want to be pushing boundaries with my music and experiment – not having anything that sounds too similar or samey. My hope is that people will love all my music and feel excited and intrigued to know what’s coming next. So watch this space…

Best regards!

Baldo Verdú.

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