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Dylan Kearns is the next in a new wave of fresh, new and exciting artists to come out of Ireland. Honing in on the revolutionary synth pop sound of the 80s mixed with his own indie and alt-pop influences, Kearns brings a highly energetic and infectious brand of indie pop that leans on this narrative entirely in ‘When The Fire Stops’. We sat down with Dylan to learn more about what makes his creativity tick, the meaning behind his brilliant new single and more!


Hey Dylan, welcome to MC! How are you doing?

Great thank you! I hope you’re well! 


Your new single ‘When The Fire Stops’ is out now! What’s this one about?

I think the song, for me, embodies a person, who has become detached from reality through addiction but wants to get better. 


What was the recording and writing process like for it?

The track was written by myself and good friend David Curley of ‘The Cope’ at his studio in Dublin back in November 2021, and grew into the dark and brooding indie pop song it is now. After the first day we had most of the track recorded and I then had the pleasure of bringing in some of the best musicians in Ireland to add a bit of spice to the track a couple of weeks later! 


Being from Ireland, what was the music scene like there growing up?

I would say it’s quite a small community. Everyone pretty much knows everyone in it which is great for building relationships and friends! I was in a band with a couple of mates for a few years which was huge fun. We used to play all over the country during college, which I can definitely say, was more entertaining than lectures! 


Who are your biggest influences?

I feel like I have a lot of influences! I listen to all types of music and try to take little bits from all of them.I would, however, say that artists like Bowie and Depeche Mode are a huge influence on my sound. 


Favourite things to do outside music?

As cliche as it sounds I do love walks on the beach haha. Though I do live in London now so they’re few and far between! 


What are Dylan Kearns’ plans for 2023?

Record a bunch of more music! I have studio dates lined up for next year and I’m planning on releasing my first EP. I’m also hoping to play my first solo gig which should be interesting! It’s one thing recording all this music but I don’t think there’s any feeling like playing it live for people! 



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