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Valdman may just be your new favourite electronic discovery. This artist, songwriter and producer creates beautiful textural soundscapes that sit between Bonobo and Bicep, with his own vocal shining through that makes him stand in his own lane entirely. His new single ‘Death to a Tyrant’ is the perfect introduction to in unique sounding craft, and it’s simply captivating from start to finish. We just had to sit down with Valdman to learn more about him, the new single and more. Check it out below exclusively at Music Crowns!


Hey Valdman, describe your new single ‘Death to a Tyrant’ for us in 3 words!

Rebel, Reveal, Transcendence.


How was the writing process for this one?

The piano in my home studio is the main instrument for improvisation, and sometimes beautiful passages are born. I record all my live sessions, so nothing is lost. The lyrics and vocals appeared at the next stage when I listened to all my impromptu. So, gradually, the arrangement began to gather into a half-fledged composition.


Any main influences that come to mind with your music?

I’m a big fan of Moderat. Their first album (“Moderat”) determined the direction I wanted to move as an artist, “New Error” just blew my mind. I asked myself: am I capable of such tunes? 

In my opinion, the beauty of electronic music reveals at that moment when the producer overcomes the limits and pushes out all the emotions he can deliver. This statement can relate to many artists of the UK electronic scene: Bicep, John Hopkins, Four Tet, etc. 

On the other hand, my true love for singing and piano was born in childhood when I listened to Elton John’s best compositions CD on repeat. 

It is how the psyche works: captured once remains with us forever.


Your music really is transcendent and beautiful. What drew you to the electronic world?

I’m a big fan of the modular synthesizer culture. Creating music in an analog reality fascinates me and immerses a meditative state. It is a great challenge for me as a musician to combine the possibilities of modular synthesis with the artistry of a singer and pianist to create my unique vibe. Synthesizers are the world that can completely engulf a musician.


Dream artist to release a song with?

There are a lot of talented musicians out there I’d love to work with, but I feel that with these artists’ I’m on the same vibe: Monolink, RY X, and Rufus Du Sol.


And lastly, what’s 2023 looking like for Valdman?

I desire a world without tyranny and war. I hope that the music I produce will help to realize that emotional bonds and love between people truly matter in the new era we have entered.



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