Hip Hop Artists and Beatmakers: Post Your Music (2-2-22)

Welcome to our Indie Wednesday where you can share your music with the independent hip hop community every week. If you’re new to this hip hop blog, check out the rules below and post your music. PLEASE READ 1. Everyone is limited to one music post per week. Spammers will be banned. 2. You can post the same song if you posted it the previous week but keep that practice in moderation 3. Converse and dialogue with each other as much as you like. In fact, I encourage it. Here is the suggested format: 1. Name of the artist: 2. Location (where are you from) 3. Your social links 4. Say something about yourself, hip hop, or anything interesting. It can also be totally unrelated to music. Show us you have a personality. Post music or videos that can play in the thread please. Feel free to post any PICS and GIFs. POST…LISTEN…NETWORK

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