“I Have To Get These Kids Off Campus”

As a result of the most extensive water system failing in Jackson, MS, Deion Sanders took to social media amid the water crisis and spoke about helping the students at Jackson State University.

Sitting on campus and in a golf cart, the head coach of the Jackson State Tigers was adamant about overcoming the city’s water issues.

Ahead of the first game against FAMU, another HBCU, Coach Prime stated he was moving the student-athletes off campus and looking for a place to practice.

 We’re operating in crisis mode. I got to get these kids off campus.

Sanders continued to say he has to get the students into a hotel and “take care of their needs and ensure all our kids are fed.”

Coach Prime also said he has to ensure the students “have the necessities of life until the issue is [resolved].”

The former NFL coach ended his video with:

The devil is a lie. You ain’t gon’ get us today, baby.

As previously reported, more than 150,000 people were without safe water on Tuesday morning, the Jackson, MS, due to the largest water system failing, the New York Times reports.

As officials attempted to pass out bottled water, they described the task as a “massively complicated task” while trying to revise a plan to solve the issue.

For years, the city of over 163,000 people, with over 80% being Black, has faced issues with aging infrastructure and a lack of resources to produce an adequate system.

They’ve had to boil water for the past month because of “cloudy samples,” the New York Times reports.

City officials say the issue could take days to resolve.

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