Indie-Rock artist ‘Moxon’ releases latest single ‘Exit Door’ | Featured

Sheffield-born London-based Indie-Rock artist ‘Moxon’ releases his latest single ‘Exit Door’. The solo artist incorporates chill, dynamic guitar loops and groovy beats with honest lyricism that reflects the struggles of a generation. 

‘Exit Door’ is no different, recorded, mixed and mastered by Moxon, the track centres around the feeling of isolation while being surrounded by people. A catchy relatable track that utilises upbeat ska rhythm guitar lines, crunchy guitar riffs and steady drum patterns that frames Moxon’s engaging vocal performance perfectly. 

Having been releasing music since 2021 while relentlessly gigging Moxon has seen his fanbase grow exponentially, with recent sold-out shows in both Sheffield and London. With his latest release ‘Exit Door’ Moxon looks to build upon recent success setting Indie dancefloors alight up and down the country. 





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