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Music is universal in a way that everybody understands it. The sense of sound we listen to has the power to influence the way we view life depending on the lyrics. Thus, what is it about music that makes it so appealing to us? Music has always helped to motivate, reduce anxiety and serve as a medicine to the heart and mind of human life. You can even transform it into a memorable experience and gives immense peace to us. According to William Shakespeare words, “If music be the food of love, play on; Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting, the appetite may sicken, and so die.”

Music is an interesting topic and it can be approached in various ways. You would probably be wondering why you have been assigned to work on an essay for music because it’s just abstract, lyrics and notes. However, music is more than that. Music is broad, diverse, and experienced from different perspectives. Let’s see what essays on music are all about. In this article, you’ll learn how to discover engaging topics in music essays. 

What is a music essay?

 A music essay is a task where you write on a particular topic that relates to music. They are not very different from normal and plain essays. It follows the same rules and format as other essays, so you don’t have to worry about writing a music essay.

Music topics for essays should cover the whole world of music, listing the diverse genre and other mind-blowing topics that are useful. To write an effective music essay you would always have to discuss your opinions on the topic and also provide supporting examples from your own experience. Whenever you need help with essay writing, is here to cover that for you.


The structure of a musical essay, similar to any other type of essay, is made up of just five bodies:

An introduction in essays for music is all about giving a brief explanation of your topic. Your introduction should begin with a quotation and a brief statement that will draw your reader’s attention. You wouldn’t go into details here. Just keep it short and simple.

This section of the essay is to broadly express your points. You introduce it during the introduction, but the thesis section is to fully state your points of view. If you have to write about how a piece of music affected you, the thesis is to explain how the song has affected you. It stands as the protagonist of your music essay.

The body paragraphs are from three to five paragraphs. After stating your thesis, you write down the logical facts and explain more ideas about the music essay topic you’re to write on. Body paragraphs contain your arguments on your thesis. You should use one paragraph for an argument.

Music essays are most times argumentative. After you have stated your thesis earlier, you are to defend what you stated; provide relevant support and quotes to prove what statement you have generated. This likely happens in an argumentative musical essay.

Finally, you have to summarise your full music essay by closing it, repeating your stated points, and also citing back to your thesis once again. These are the structures of music essay writing, but for you to start up with one, you have to come up with a good music topic for the essay.


Music essays should be personal stuff that should come from the heart, how you relate to music and how passionate you are for it. There are various ways to pick the right topic that would suit your essay.

  • How music has played a part in your life: For something to feel natural and unique, it has to come from the heart. Picking a topic from music that has influenced you will help you get your perfect music essay.
  • Explore all the genres of music: Exploring diverse genres of music will bring up an interesting topic for music essay writing.
  • Music from all generations: Music has evolved drastically, but the old music is still very much appreciated. Writing an essay about music with the knowledge of music composers will be the best choice for your music essay. For instance, prominent composers like Mozart and Beethoven.


There are immense ideas on topics for musical essays. Music essay examples need an eye-catchy or a very inspiring topic, to begin with. For you to compose the right essay, you need to pick a good and interesting topic. If you want a provocative topic for your essay, you can choose from the following:

  •  How has music affected the lives of teenagers in our world today?
  •  Will you say there are secret, encrypted messages in the lyrics of a song?
  •  The purpose of music in today’s life
  •  How has the music of the old affected the modern age?
  •  Do you think music has a spirit of its own?
  •  How do the diverse music genres connect?
  •  How have the ways of a country affected its music?
  •  What does music do to the brain and the mind?
  •  How does music convey messages without using a lyric?
  • Why do you think rap will never die?
  • Do you think music should be adopted in hospitals to help patients?
  •  How does music bring a connection between countries?
  • How does music serve economic growth?
  •  Similarities between music and poetry
  •  What binds music and religion together?
  •  Should Michael Jackson be named the king of pop music?
  •  How do you make a particular song your favourite?
  •  Like most authors, do most musicians stick to one genre of music?
  •  How has music evolved over the years?
  •  How has music impacted our lives?
  •  Do you think present-day music is just noise and beats?
  •  Do you enjoy old music to modern-day music?
  •  Which band would you pay to see in a concert and why?
  •  How do you think music can affect a country?
  •  What band of all time has stolen your heart?
  •  Music is a way where people express themselves today.
  •  How has the African culture affected the non-African culture and vice versa?

 In Conclusion

Music essays should be informative and intriguing as the music itself. Students can hire a skilled writer to put in very quality research with a strong argument, better proofreading, and a great topic. And with the best essay websites, you are good to go, they are ready to provide the right music essay writing for you that’s up to standard.





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