Home Independent Music Jack Xander Releases New Track ‘Therapy Whistle’ |

Jack Xander Releases New Track ‘Therapy Whistle’ |

Jack Xander Releases New Track ‘Therapy Whistle’ |

Jack Xander has released his newest sonic adventure alongside a wicked music video in Therapy Whistle. He has for the second time shown that he intends to make his mark on the industry with his catchy lyricism and quirky arrangements that keep our ears entertained right up until the end.

Therapy Whistle is tells the story of one of Jack’s old memories from his schooldays, with flamboyant characters and even a trip to Disneyland. His use of these characters throughout is quite unique to Xander, especially nowadays, indirectly taking inspiration from composers like J.S. Bach to Bohemian Rhapsody. More directly however, his influences lie in artists such as Metronomy and Alex Cameron.

Speaking of the track, Xander says quite little, but it packs a punch:

“Therapy Whistle is about growing up into the people you hate.”

Jack Xander’s Therapy Whistle is out on all digital streaming platforms and is available to listen to now! Or, you can watch the music video below.


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