Joey Gardiner releases irresistible new single ‘Snowflake’ | New Music

South West’s Joey Gardiner has been refining and tailoring his solo music over the past two years. After playing in a string of bands, he fancied a change and dropped singles ME, Pain and Dirty Cigarette, all of which have been championed by heavyweight actor Paul Cooper. His new offering comes in the form of pop-rock Snowflake and has been released alongside a cover and an acoustic version.


Joey’s new track is an example of his signature hard-hitting style. Drums pierce through the mix and provide the perfect foundation for guitar melodies to ebb and flow between each other. His vocal is unique – bold but tinged with emotion. Snowflake is his attempt at writing a track that attempts to tackle the issue of relationship breakdown. Emotional, raw and irresistible – it’s one to check out, for sure.


Whilst his songs sound playful, there’s always a more sinister side to be found in his lyrics. With his lyrics and melodies working hand in glove, there’s nothing stopping the singer-songwriter reaching the top.

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