Clarity Daily Nootropic

Clarity Daily Nootropic by Thrivous is the advanced supplement to enhance mental clarity, memory, focus, mood, and brain health.

Ok this stuff kicks butt, let me tell you I decided to put it to the test while being away on a week long training class being tested almost everyday with little time to learn totally new information and it enabled my almost 60 year old brain to kick the butts of people ½ my age!  Let me just put it this way if you believe the proof is in the pudding what do you say to the fact I got 96% the first test, 96% the second test, 98% the third test, and on the final test I got 100%.  Not only did it help me kick butt my memory of the new facts got better as the grueling week of learning went on!!!!  This defiantly gets an A++ from me!

Clarity Daily Nootropic contains the following:

Bacopa Meniere is an herb that may enhance memory and support healthy brain function.

Robiola Roseau is an herb that may enhance focus, mood, and energy.


Vitamin B Complex as bioavailable vitamers may support healthy brain function.


Zinc Picolinate is a bioavailable essential mineral that may support healthy mood.



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