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JoJo Siwa & Justin Bieber

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As her own star rises, JoJo Siwa, 18, hasn’t been holding back on sharing her negative celebrity experiences. Weeks after igniting a feud with Candace Cameron Bure over a past incident, the pop star and YouTuber took to TikTok again to unearth a 2018 comment from Justin Bieber over her first car! In an August 26 video clip, now viewed over 12 million times, JoJo rocked a Smurf’s hoodie as she looked back on the social media exchange. The message ‘POV you’re Justin Bieber when I got my first car…’ was superimposed over the video, which showed a 15-year-old, long-haired JoJo celebrating her wildly colorful new BMW convertible via Instagram. Justin’s comment on the vehicle with her face airbrushed on it, circled in red, said simply, “burn it.”


#greenscreen this audio was made for me

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The audio track said, “did I say, ‘stand there and look stupid? No, I said, ‘burn it,’” as an expressive JoJo reacted to the painful memory. “This audio was made for me,” the Dance Moms alum cleverly captioned the clip.  Many of JoJo’s 43.4 million followers on the popular video platform were absolutely there for the drama! “LMAOAOAAO he’s funny for that,” reacted a follower, while another hilariously suggested the hashtag, “#beefwithbieber.”

A third fan went on the attack, suggesting that the “Love Me” singer lacked JoJo’s “confidence.” “He didn’t have the confidence to get a car with his face on it,” they wrote. “You’re iconic.” Some insinuated that the interaction was harmless, or even affectionate. “Lol he sound like an older brother,” reacted a follower. Yet another wrote, “Justin you have 24 hrs to respond.”

JoJo Siwa
JoJo Siwa (Broadimage/Shutterstock)

So far, Justin doesn’t appear to have reacted to her callout. But in the past, JoJo has attempted to get his attention; in a 2019 interview with Jimmy Fallon, she shared a pic of herself in another colorful convertible, with a cutout of Justin in the passenger’s seat. JoJo revealed that her parents gave her the vehicle for Christmas, then shared the Canadian singer’s “burn it” comment with the talk show host. So while she’s gotten a lot of mileage out of this incident (see what we did there?) it’s easy to see how the quip could be considered especially harsh.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber (Jim Ruymen/UPI/Shutterstock)

But it doesn’t dim JoJo’s star, and her fans continue to stand by her. “JB had a mirrored car so nobody could see him and jojos ever here like ‘hold my jojo juice,’” commented a fan. “‘Errybody gon see me comin.’”

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