Joyce ‘Baby Jean’ Kennedy of legendary Mother’s Finest releases new EP ‘Rock’n My Soul’ | Featured

The latest project from Joyce ‘Baby Jean’ Kennedy of Mother’s Finest, Rock’n My Soul, is a tour-de-force in the rock/funk fusion genre, bringing together high energy instrumentals with Kennedy’s powerful vocals and ripping, confident lyrics. The opening track, ‘My Bad,’ builds quickly from an engaging rock riff into lyrics that effortlessly meld religious imagery with the idea of rock as a concept. The chorus confidently chants, “the rock’s gotten in my soul,” displaying how this isn’t just music, it’s a way of life and a creed as deep as any religious one. 

You can listen to the EP by clicking here.

Standout tracks include ‘Do Me Right,’ which introduces gorgeous piano chords and chill synths to the EP’s auditory mix, and ‘Tears of Stone,’ which brings the energy down before ascending to one final stroke of greatness with a gripping rap feature. “Tears of Stone” in particular is truly the highlight of this EP, bringing together all the emotions established earlier on and depicting that lonely crash, that feeling when you need to cry but are unable to. The listener is picked up from their emotional low by the engaging feature, melding banging instrumentals with clever, relevant bars. This EP truly is a stellar example of Kennedy’s style, and sure to be a great fit for any rock/funk playlist. 

Joyce Kennedy has been a staple in the rock, soul, and funk scenes since the young age of 16, all the way to her current age, decades later. Joyce Kennedy is the definition of an icon, having sung and collaborated with legends such as Alice Cooper, ACDC, Ted Nugent, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, and Earth Wind and Fire. Kennedy is still on tour with her legendary band Mother’s Finest, showing her dedication to her craft and the longevity that her classic voice has created for her over decades. When COVID erupted, she was on the Legends Tour with Cooper and many more. Unfortunately, like all tours they had to step down.

Joyce’s next #1 singles (‘Baby Love’ & ‘Love Changes’) came years later with the forming of the fusion rock funk band Mother’s Finest that she formed with her husband, Glenn Murdock. As the singer in this unit, she earned the title “funk metal rock soul diva” through her approach to her stage presence and vocal stylings. Once you’ve heard Joyce’s voice, you remember it. It embraces you, touches you. She’s honest and makes you feel like you’ve known her forever. One minute full of rocket fuel the next you’re wrapped in the warmth of her heart.

‘The Last Time I Made Love’ was her most successful single, reaching number 2 on the R&B charts and number 40 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Joyce Kennedy and Mother’s Finest are currently embarked on an International tour, and are still spreading the love of heavy, funky music across the globe.

Keep up with Joyce and Mother’s Finest at their website,

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