Ken Bauer Unleashed Powerful Episodes on His Show ‘Power Hour’ | Featured

Ken Bauer released new episodes if his popular weekly radio show ‘Power Hour’. 

The Swedish DJ and music producer started 2023 on a high note, dropping exceptional episodes of his flagship radio show, securing a spot on the list of the best shows on air at the moment. 

The show features the best tracks of the Electro House, Melodic Techno, Progressive House and Trance world, as well as Ken Bauer’s passion and talent for the Future Rave genre, creating hour-long episodes that display Ken Bauer’s mighty DJ skills. 

January saw the DJ invite a new exciting guest to the show; the first episode of 2023 had DJ, musician and music producer Nanoviola join Ken Bauer in unleashing a powerful mix that included tracks by the likes of David Guetta & MORTEN, Mark Roma & JERIKO, as well as some of her own bangers like ‘Attention Please’ and ‘Wild and Free’. 

Ken Bauer didn’t lag behind, unveiling hard-hitting episodes with the sound and style he’s known for, creating a perfect and unbeatable listening experience for his loyal listeners all over the world. Alongside top-tier names, Ken Bauer also featured tracks from his own label Future Rave Music, highlighting fresh up-and-coming artists like Svnjack, Jaison Silva & BRØWNS and Victor Garde & BackFaze, to name some, creating a unique opportunity for listeners of the show to discover new acts to add to their favorites. 

Ken Bauer’s ‘Power Hour’ keeps pushing boundaries and raising the bar with every episode that comes out, putting the DJ’s name high on the list of artists to follow, as his remarkable taste and incredible mixing skills are off the charts. 

Make sure to follow Ken Bauer as his release schedule looks promising and the new episodes of the show pledge to take its listeners to a whole listening experience of its own. 

Listen to ‘Power Hour’ here:’s-power-hour 

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