Koosha Azim drops dazzling 2-track debut gem Koryŏ Capsule | New Music

Koosha Azim is a psychedelic hip hop artist who is on a mission to wake up the restless youth.

‘’Capturing the excitement of moving to Seoul, South Korea, Fly to the South celebrates experiencing the high life of a new region. Akin to the distortion of the mind on a psychedelic journey, the production is arranged with banging 808s, a spiritual flute sample, and a mysterious synth ambience. It is a hip-hop anthem for the restless youth.’’ ~ Koosha Azim

Inspired by a soul-altering trip to the tranquil Jeju Island, Koosha Azim sends us Fly To The South and Jeju, is a Californian-fused experience that will take you into a dreamy wonder. There is so much quality on offer here that will get you smiling rather broadly, as you close your eyes and imagine being on a different continent which could be paradise.

Koryŏ Capsule psychedelic hip hop artist Koosha Azim is such a fine 2-track release that will truly transform your day like that excellent music does so naturally. With a clear precision aim like a sniper locked into its target, there is a warm energy here that shall elevate your skin and heat up those veins like an injection of reality. Showing us all that extra quality intertwined which makes this strike extra deep, this is a rather special release.

Listen up on Spotify and see more on IG.

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