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Canadian artist Kris Anders releases his latest Pop/Rock single ‘Ever Enough’. The fourth release off his upcoming EP ‘Threshing Room Floor’, due for release in late 2023. 2022 saw the first three releases from the EP being positively received garnering Kris over half a million streams across platforms and gaining extensive radio play around the world.

‘Ever Enough’ is an upbeat Pop/Rock anthem that dives into relationship troubles with the protagonist in the track questioning if anything he does will ever be enough for his partner. The track is backed by powerful choruses, catchy melodies and foot-tapping rock grooves that are just as compelling live as they are over the radio.

Speaking on the track Kris Anders explains “The writer is frustrated that no matter what he does, he is “Never Enough” for the woman in his life. It can also apply to the feeling of futility in trying to make it in the music industry and all the frustrations that come with being an independent artist.”

Based out of Okanagan Valley in BC Canada with over a decade of experience in the music industry as a songwriter, performer, executive producer and music manager. Kris has over the years honed his sound while compiling an impressive list of awards and accolades along the way, some of which include; 2022 Intercontinental Music Award Winner for Best Rock Song “Shattered” and a 2022 Intercontinental Music Award Finalist for Pop song of the Year “How Did We Get Here”, Josie Music Award Nominee for Best Rock Song and Male Vocalist of the Year in 2021 and 2022, as well as Finalist placements in the USA Song of the Year Contest both in 2021 and 2022, to name a few.

With the release of his latest single ‘Ever Enough’ along with his upcoming EP ‘Threshing Room Floor’ and a busy touring schedule which sees dates in the Okanagan Valley, Alberta and across BC, Kris Anders looks to build upon his momentum gained throughout 2022 as he brings his brand of poetic lyricism and infectious hooks to the masses.





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