Leeza wants to do it all again tomorrow night with her romantic release in the Stars | New Music

Leeza is a Russia-born, Los Angeles, USA-based indie pop singer-songwriter who is also a Berklee College of Music graduate and was formerly a jazz musician.

Stars is a song about finding new love, and all the scary things that come with it that make you want to distance yourself from the person. Regardless of those fears, you realise that you are already in too deep anyway, and just need to give in, fall and see where it takes you, hopefully to the stars!” ~ Leeza explaining to us the meaning behind this vibrant release

Produced by the excellent Jordan Sweet, this is a sweet synth-pop single that will sparkle elegantly in your eyes. Vocally stunning with a sensual beat that captures the mood just right, this is a dynamic release that is rather addictive. Showing us that memorable moment when you know you are falling deep into a new lover’s eyes, making your heart beat uncontrollably.

Stars from Russia-born, LA-based indie singer-songwriter Leeza is a planet orbiting single which will raise the temperature and put you into a hugely romantic mood. Sung with a gorgeous style that will lift you off your lazy couch, putting you into a better state of mind than before. This is a sizzling single that will lead your smile into a beaming nature which will show you how special love really is.

Hear this lovely vocalist in action on Spotify and see her movements on IG.

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