Malik English is in his prime on ‘High Road’ | New Music

Malik English’s latest single, “High Road,” is a two-minute journey that promises to stir your emotions and take you on a musical ride.

English explains that “High Road” is about maintaining a positive outlook and maturity, even when the world and people around you test your limits. However, he acknowledges that always taking the high road can be toxic when you allow anything to slide. For him, music is therapeutic, and it allows him to express himself in ways that he may not feel comfortable doing otherwise.

The track features an eclectic mix of instruments, including playful drums, understated guitar lines, and captivating backing vocals. English’s voice is soaked in emotion, and his R&B sensibilities, coupled with heartfelt lyrics, create a beautiful listening experience. His bars are also signature, with melodic flicks and an infectious rhythmic tone.

As a Trinidadian/Nigerian/Canadian artist and producer from Brooklyn, English has been heavily influenced by various cultures, which is evident in his music. He seamlessly blends genres, creating a unique sound that pushes the boundaries. His influences range from Kanye West to Bobby Womack to Paramore. Since 2020, English’s efforts have led to performances at SXSW, The Apollo, SOBs, and a feature in Beyonce’s Black Is King. He has received recognition from AFROPUNK, NOTION, Majorstage, and LinkUpTV, among others. English is a frequent collaborator and has produced for both up-and-coming artists like Darrion Harris and seasoned veterans like DC The Don.

As a young black creative, English believes it’s his mission to create freely and without any preconceived notions of what artists that look like him should do. He feels that it’s essential to be vulnerable and true to oneself in music. For him, music is about having fun and sharing experiences. He aims to create spaces where people can rage and have fun while making the world a smaller place through his music. With his unique sound and vision, Malik English is well on his way to the top.


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