Maria Manuel has clawed her way back from the constant sadness on her stunning new track Find | New Music

Maria Manuel is a South London, UK-based indie pop solo singer-songwriter and returns with a rather spellbinding single that has been expertly produced by Martin Hollis.

The lyricism in Find outlines a feeling that I feel is very relatable. Life pulls us in such different directions; sometimes that causes a split between who you’ve been and who you’ve become. Ultimately it speaks about finding your way back to yourself, independent of when you lost your essence.” ~ Maria Manuel

After delighting our weary moods on her debut from 2021 called Heimdall, Maria Manuel shows us her incredible progression already after her previous release from 2022, Like to Know. Thrills-a-second is in order on this enlightening journey of peace within such a passionate song performed with much love and glorious rawness.

Find from South London, UK-based indie pop solo singer-songwriter Maria Manuel is a sensational single from a glorious artist who is in excellent form. Her aura is honest, brave, inspired and bold, turning our perspective around like seeing a world class moment happening right before your very eyes. Everything is slowed down like it was meant to show you the way, to something so pure and crisply real. A story about bravely winning when losing was easier is projected, in such a beautifully haunting way.

Hear this lovely single on Spotify and see more via her IG.

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