McLovins’ Jake Huffman Stretches Legs on New Single “Martyr” | Featured

For many artists, there’s not much that beats the process of making music, and for multi-instrumentalist Jake Huffman, this especially applies. There’s a certain passion for the art of making music that is especially embodied by Jake. Listen to any of his music, and this comes through loud and clear. It begs the question, who exactly is Jake Huffman, and how did he come to cultivate such a unique style of music?

For Jake, his musical journey truly began at the age 14, when his band McLovins would put out a cover of Phish’s “You Enjoy Myself.” Recorded entirely in his parents basement over in Connecticut, the band would post the cover on YouTube, with no expectations other than to post a cool cover of a song they liked. Overnight, the video would grow into a viral sensation.

With this, McLovins would suddenly find themselves as the center of attention in many musical circles. This surge of popularity would give the young Jake his first true taste of performing music, a feeling he’d never forget. Who could, when you’re sharing a stage with legendary acts such as Blink-182, The Flaming Lips, BB King, Foster The People and more?

Of course, viral fame would only last so long for McLovins. Eventually, the band would come to an end,  forcing Jake to reevaluate his career and approach to music. Where he’d gotten his start making covers, Jake had also gained a love of the stage and performance. Meshed with his own ideas of what music could be, Jake Huffman would take time, reinventing himself and his sound.

Eventually, Jake would return to music, brandishing a whole new sound with him. Now a solo act, would pick up on the many intricacies of music proqs, he’d get to write, record and produce music at the world renowned PowerStation New England Studio.

Now, he’s ready to wow the world with own eclectic brand of indie pop rock mixed with thoughtful lyrics.. His latest single, “Martyr,” is a prime example of this, retaining plenty pop sensibilities while giving the song an edge through it’s production and instrumentation. It’s set to be featured on his upcoming EP, made upof music entirely written, performed and produced by Jake himself.

We also get to see Jake’s unique take on storytelling, choosing not to express his own personal beliefs, but instead focus on what people need to hear. It’s a fascinating way to portray and idea, one that works wonders for the song itself. It gives it more memorable qualities that stick in the mind as you continue to listen to it. It’s these qualities that have led to Huffman standing out from the crowd in the best way.

Jake Huffman is a fascinating artist, one that’s already proven his worth. Now, only time can tell how he progresses past this, but we’re optimistic. Among artists, Jake is forward thinking and ahead of the curve. He doesn’t hop on trends, instead choosing to explore his own musical ideas. It’s the mark of a great artist to not cave into pressure, and with the way he’s going, we’re sure Jake Huffman is already well on his way to greater success

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