Home Independent Music Miami band Off Orbit release ‘Sunset In The City’ |

Miami band Off Orbit release ‘Sunset In The City’ |

Miami band Off Orbit release ‘Sunset In The City’ |

Miami-based rock band Off Orbit is back with the release of their newest single ‘Sunset In The City‘. The track is a groovy, and at times psychedelic-vibed, anthem about breaking free from the monotony of everyday life. The sound is addictive and engaging, and it’s the perfect soundtrack for the weekend rewards of a long day’s work.

The band is comprised of two brothers, Mo and Marc, who are no strangers to the world of music. The group has been releasing music since 2012, and the mature and progression of their tenure is showing in their latest wave of releases. This progression has taken shape both musically and with the production environment they’ve surrounded themselves with.

In their words, “‘Sunset In the City’ is a continuation of the unique production style that we have developed over the band’s last three releases. We recorded and edited all of the tracks in this song using some of the industry’s most respected equipment in a setting that has allowed us to maintain complete creative control.”

Snag an early listen below to Off Orbit’s brand new single ‘Sunset In the City’ and keep an eye out for the full release in the coming days.

“‘Sunset in the City’ is a song dedicated to those times when we finally break free from all the responsibilities and entanglements of everyday life in order to seek out our passions. It describes the nightlife that follows a week of hard work and jubilation of making it to the weekend. It’s about discovering who we are inside as we explore the city after the sun goes down.”



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