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NJaM has quickly gained the reputation as a rising star within the indie pop and alternative circles. However, he’s not necessarily a new musician, despite being only 18 years old, has already garnered himself a GRAMMY® certificate for playing trumpet on the nominated album ‘Crayon Kids’, by Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band. His first single of 2023 is an infectious offering called “Glitch.”

The track is musically immersive, with the instrumental featuring driving bass lines, understated guitar lines and playful drum beats. It’s clear that “Glitch” manages to be musically stripped-back but also incredibly engaging. His vocals come tinged with pop sensibilities and soaked in personality.

Talking about the song, NJaM explains:

‘Glitch’ is a song that came very easy to me; a song about mistrust, and desperately wanting your partner to be open and transparent with you. It started with an obscure drum beat I made, followed by distorted electric guitars, panned vocals, etc. It was important to me that the song’s production felt off, or a little glitch-like, to further serve the artistic representation of the song. Lyrics like “Don’t pretend like you’re not sure what I behold; I know you know,” and “When you feel it tell me then so I’m not wondering ‘when?’” all contribute to the overall message and meaning of the song”.

‘Glitch’ is influenced by a slew of artists in the indie pop/alt/electronic genres. From Khai Dreams, Rex Orange County to boy pablo or Brakence, they all contributed to the inspired sound of the song. With his own unique sound, we can’t wait to see how far he can take this. 

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