Oceans In The Sky Releases New Tracks ‘Song Of The Summer’ And ‘Fake Holiday (Remix)’ | New Music

‘Song of the Summer’ was written and produced by Oceans in the Sky when he was living in Taipei. The artist wrote many versions but the song came together when he flew to Tokyo for Summer Sonic. He ended up traveling around Japan, inspired by the sights and sounds. The J-Pop hook and lyrics poured out of him, matching seamlessly with 80s drums produced by Brothertiger, the summer sun radiating from soaring synths and funky guitars, and a massive dance floor chorus. The song is about being with someone and hearing a great song and everything feels right.

‘Fake Holiday (Remix)’ was written and produced between Taipei and New York. The song was initially written as a Valentine’s Day gift. While it is labeled as a remix, it is the definitive version of the track, complete with a slick R’n’B bass line, watery piano, full string and horn sections and a smooth falsetto chorus, reminiscent of 90s R’n’B with a modern spin (and a Chinglish rap verse).

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