Pook Hustle wants to talk about ‘Mental Health’ | New Music

Pook Hustle’s latest single “Mental Health” is a spellbinding, poignant, and uplifting track that lays bare a more vulnerable and intimate side of the artist. The song is a vivid testament to Pook’s personal experiences with mental health, and his stirring lyricism, masterfully woven into R&B sensibilities, creates a warm and comforting haven for listeners to relate to.

The track boasts a rich, dynamic fusion of thundering drums, blissful synths, and delicate backing vocals, conjuring an atmosphere that is both charged and soothing. Pook’s mellifluous, yet impactful tone is a true standout, and his captivating storytelling draws you into the heart of the song.

Pook’s journey in the past year has been tumultuous, facing challenges such as a heart-wrenching break-up, job loss, and a trying landlord situation. However, he embodies the true spirit of hustle, and he has persevered, emerging stronger and continuing to create music. He has found solace in therapy, which he views as a vital tool in managing the trauma he has experienced.

Pook Hustle is a beacon of inspiration, and his message in “Mental Health” is a clarion call for transparency and seeking help, regardless of one’s strength. 2022 was a triumphant year for Pook, and with his unwavering passion and relentless drive to succeed, 2023 promises to be his breakthrough year.

In conclusion, “Mental Health” is an incredible piece of music, and Pook Hustle has truly surpassed himself. The song is an absolute must-listen for anyone who is facing difficulties and in need of a little hope and motivation.


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