PREMIERE: Moroccan rising star Don Afric releases luscious Arabic hip-hop single ‘On Fire’ | Premieres

Don Afric is a Moroccan rapper who has made quite a name for himself in a relatively short space of time, and we wanted to exclusively share the hype and premiere his latest offering ‘On Fire’ here at Music Crowns.

For fans of Drake, ‘On Fire’ is a chilled hip-hop-infused track with Arabic elements that are fresh from Don’s heritage. He cleverly implements instruments such as the Oud, Lute and the Moroccan Violin to sprinkle something a little different on what you would traditionally expect from an every day hip-hop track.

We love the spin Don Afric has put on, and you can tell it’s a truly special song to him, saying that On Fire, I want this song to be the start of my music career, it defines me and the type of music I would like to be making and spreading until the end of my career.”

Blending nuances from his homeland with clever rapping and singing, ‘On Fire’ is a simply must listen if you’re a fan of hip-hop, pop and everything in between.

Check it out first here:

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