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Australian producer 1tbsp just returned with a brand-new EP titled “It’s Very Loud”. We got the chance to speak with him about his creative process, goals and upcoming plans.

– Hi 1tbsp! Can you please start by telling us what’s the story behind this unique name?

Hey! Hmm only though it was a few years ago i actually can’t remember choosing the name or whether there was a runner up list or anything. The good thing about this name which I hadn’t thought of is that when it’s an alphabetical billing for a show/festival it puts me at the top of the list.

– You’ve just released your new EP ‘It’s Very Loud’ – can you take us through the creative process behind the tracks?

Yeah I made all of those tracks last year. I was finishing up my Joan EP (which I dropped in november) which felt like a new direction for this project & in a way was setting up listeners for this EP. I really wanted this new music to fit my DJ sets better and so I sped the bpm up a bit and used a lot of sampling. I made a lot of ideas for those two EPs and tested them out in sets to see what worked and what didn’t.

– Were you trying to send a message to Four Tet with the track “Four Tet Is My Godmother”? 

Haha yeah maybe, I haven’t heard back from him yet but a friend of mine just supported him in Sydney and told him about the track. I think it was more just me trying come up with bizarre/eye-catching names and I randomly thought of that whilst making the song.

– What do you want listeners to take from your music?

Hmm i’m trying to tow the line between making music that will get played out by DJ’s but also is nice to listen to outside of a club/set and could also get played on the radio. So the hope is that people can enjoy it in both settings.

– You’ve just signed with a booking agency specialised in bookings and tours in UK/Europe. Does this mean your European fans will get to see you live soon?

Yes I think so! I’ve just booked flights to be over for all of summer, I’ll be making some music over there + exploring too, but hopefully will get some shows set up as well.

– Are you already working on new tracks?

Yep! I’ve been working on the next stuff since december and have a bunch of ideas forming, i’m just currently figuring out how I want to release it!

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