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Rapper Posts Message To Music Critic – Hollywood Life

Rapper Posts Message To Music Critic – Hollywood Life

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Image Credit: Rob Latour/Shutterstock

Music critic and YouTuber Anthony Fantano is officially on Drake’s bad side. On Sept. 15, Anthony posted a video on his The Needle Drop YouTube channel, and shared fake direct messages that he said were from Drake. The fake message read, “Anthony! It’s Drizzy. I know we don’t really see eye-to-eye about music and that you are not the biggest fan of most of my albums (thanks for the kind words on Take Care and If You’re Reading This tho). But it is what it is, you know. Can always hope you’ll like the next one. But I’m not messaging you about your videos. I’m actually messaging you cause I found a really great vegan cookie recipe I’d like you to try!”

When Drake caught wind of the fake messages being publicized, he took it upon himself to actually messages Anthony on Instagram. He then took to his Instagram Story to post the messages that he sent the critic. In his messages to Anthony, Drake used the YouTuber’s own rating system to rate him.

Drake accepting an award. (Rob Latour/Shutterstock)

“Your existence is a light 1,” Drake wrote. “And the 1 is cause you are alive. And cause you somehow wifed a black girl. I’m feeling a light to decent 1 on your existence.” Anthony’s last name quickly began trending on Twitter, and he took to the social media site to laugh about the situation. Anthony claimed that he was living “rent free” in Drake’s head, and mocked him for posting the messages.

“I made that man leak his own DMs,” Anthony wrote, with various crying laughing emojis. “My rating system lives rent free in his head.” He also clapped back at a fan who claimed that it was Anthony who was obsessed with Drake, not the other way around. “Who DM’d who at midnight?” Anthony responded. “Wasn’t me. Who leaked their own DMs? Wasn’t me.” He then posted some of his old bad reviews of Drake’s albums, as well. Safe to say this feud has escalated!


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