Home Independent Music Rheez releases straight-talking new single ‘Pe$Os’ | New Music

Rheez releases straight-talking new single ‘Pe$Os’ | New Music

Rheez releases straight-talking new single ‘Pe$Os’ | New Music

Rheez’s genuine passion for music shines through on his releases. Maltese born and UK raised, his music offers him a chance to express his identity and unusual mix of inspirations. At the age of 12 he found himself sitting behind a drum kit listening to Gorillaz, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Red Hot Chili Peppers. In his teenage years, however, he spent time listening to 90s hip-hop in ears. His music is a melting pot and representative of this, encompassing everything.

‘Pe$Os’ is an example of his musical ability. ‘Pe$Os’ is built on the foundation of hard-hitting drums which cut right through the mix, enticing us in and giving the track a massive lift. Synths are played in a guitar-esc manor, with melodies that ebb and flow around the track. A sung vocal line is present in the chorus, turning the track into a rap anthem. Alongside this are his bars which are well-penned in the verses as well as hard-hitting and straight-talking. 

Speaking further about this he reveals: “This particular track was a bit of an aggressive venting session, considering the current position I have in my career, I feel like the song expresses my hunger and desire to go further, and a slight showcase on my word play abilities.”

Rheez wants to be a trailblazer in bridging the gap between Malta and new music. It’s hard to carve a music career in such a small island, but Rheez is committed to making the place he loves more relevant musically, allowing more creative opportunities for younger people. In his own words: “One thing people should know about me is that I will never stop making music in the face of adversity, that’s not who I am, I live for music, I’ll die for music, it is the almighty for me.”


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