Sabrina Francis returns with the shimmering new single ‘I Feel Amazing’ | New Music

Having already captured our attention with her stunning album and EP offerings these last few years, Grenada-based artist Sabrina Francis is looking to fill our hearts with joy once again on the shimmering new single ‘I Feel Amazing’.

With her warm and inviting voice layered across a vibrant afro-caribbean-inspired production from start to finish, ‘I Feel Amazing’ sees her return in stelar form. Channelling a sweet and shining aesthetic throughout, she is certainly an artist we are keeping a close eye on for the months ahead as well.

Adding about ‘I Feel Amazing’, she said, “I have entered this place in my life where it feels like all the shit I’ve been through, all the challenges I’ve had to overcome, and the lessons I’ve learned are finally about to pay off like something good is about to happen. I’ve worked very hard to become this person you see today, I am proud of her. I am at peace with her and finally feel like I have the tools and have laid the foundation to really ‘shake shit up’ in the best way. This is what this song is about. It’s me looking forward to this next phase of my life and not being afraid or intimidated by it (which is new), I feel ready & able and I know it’s going to be beautiful.”

Watch the new video for ‘I Feel Amazing’ below.

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