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San Quentin dive deep on ‘You’re Lost’ | New Music

San Quentin dive deep on ‘You’re Lost’ | New Music

Last year was a massive one for San Quentin, with a sold-out hometown show and a stunning debut performance at the Isle of Wight Festival. And it seems that 2023 is set to be even bigger, with their return performance at the This Feeling Big in 2023 show in January and the release of “You’re Lost.” This new single is a testament to the band’s remarkable musical prowess and their unwavering commitment to creating meaningful and powerful music.

San Quentin are poised to take the music industry by storm with the new single. Comprised of talented musicians Liam Cass, Owen Eves, Luke Johns, Nick Keep, and Dan Ridgwell, this powerhouse of sound and energy is a force to be reckoned with.

Tipped as “Ones to Watch 2023” by This Feeling, San Quentin has made a name for themselves with their high-energy anthems and unforgettable live performances. Their music is a fusion of raw, working-class grit and unbridled passion, making them a must-see for anyone who appreciates authentic and impactful music.

“You’re Lost” is a cathartic and insightful anthem that speaks to anyone who has felt lost or overwhelmed by the negativity in the world. Written by the talented Liam Cass, the song explores the damaging effects of toxic content on young minds and how to fight back against the negative view of the world portrayed by the media. With its pounding drum beat and haunting piano chords, “You’re Lost” drives home the darkness of the subject, but its catchy chorus offers a glimmer of hope and optimism.

As San Quentin continues to make waves in the music world, their diary is already filling up with festival bookings for the summer. This band is on a mission to share their message of hope and positivity, and “You’re Lost” is the next step in their journey. So, don’t miss out on this rising star of the music scene, listen to San Quentin’s “You’re Lost” today, and get ready to be blown away!



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