Shreta returns with hauntingly beautiful single ‘did you think of us?’ | Emerging Talent

Hailing from Melbourne, RnB soul-stress Shreta returns with a heart-felt single, ‘did you think of us?,’ evoking vulnerability and self-reflection.

The hauntingly beautiful single captures the moment of utter loss from a heart-break that questions ones worth and shines a light on past relationships through growth.

Shreta’s anecdotal lyrics and buttery vocals has her delivering yet another instantly hummable and thoroughly relatable anthem. 

On the single Shreta said, “That vulnerable moment where you question your worth, we’ve all been there, even if we don’t always like to admit it. I wanted to capture that feeling,”

“I want people who are in that very vulnerable place to know that it is a feeling we all experience through a break-up. We gotta feel that shit before we bounce back and remember who we are.”

The South-Indian Australian-born artist cultivates her sounds and experiences from not only her cultural upbringing, but also with her life as an artist immersing herself in her home-town Melbourne.

Stream it here.

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