Simona-Valentina shows us into her funny story about letting go on Head Outta Washing Machine | New Music

Simona-Valentina is a Romania-born, London-based pop/folk singer-songwriter who has a natural greatness you can’t teach.

‘’I used to sing with my head in the washing machine when I was six years old. This is my retrospectively funny music story, and what I am confessing with this new song. I was shy and introverted at that age, lacking the confidence to sing in front of people; hence, the darkness and intimacy of singing with my head inside the washing machine appealed to me greatly.’’ ~ Simona-Valentina

Packed with so much gusto and honest lyrics which will surely make everyone smile, Simona-Valentina is at her incredibly ear-warming best with a stunning anthem for anyone who needs to hear what belief sounds like. Evolving through the years and improving after each release, we find a self-aware creative who sings for anyone who is the true underdog.

Head Outta Washing Machine from Romania-born, London-based singer-songwriter Simona-Valentina is such a lovely experience about moving into a happier world no matter what the fears are. Delighting us with so much inspiration and genuine care, showing us how we can flip anything around if the motivation is high enough.

Listen to this lovely song on Spotify. See her travels continue on IG.

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