Soaring in with something rather unmistakably vibrant, nasir mf. returns with a quick-fire sizzler to get excited about called romantic fury. | New Music

nasir mf. is a Brooklyn, NY-based indie hyper-pop solo artist, DJ and travel blogger who is known for making those surreal gems to bathe in all night.

This track is a hyper pop banger with rap verses for the electro-loving hopeless romantics. I made this track about experiencing limerence – that obsessive, unhealthy feeling that we often get for someone. I wanted to appeal to all the people who have someone who fucks with their mental state. It is super unhealthy, but hey, it happens… it is honest.” ~ nasir mf.

Featuring crispy and freshly toasted beats from Flame Yuppie, nasir mf. is in top form and pulls the middle finger out to anyone who doesn’t get it. Heavy in creative control and buzzing with enticement, this is a single to swim in for all its worth.

romantic fury from Brooklyn, NY-based artist nasir mf. is one of those heart-shaking tracks you either love or shall run away from. Just like how it was intended. Filled with a lusciously spine-tingling blend of catchy music, we find a passionate artist who hasn’t even reached prime levels yet.

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