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Soul Purpose – Our Journey in 10 Tracks

Soul Purpose – Our Journey in 10 Tracks

Clive Henry and Justin Drake are perhaps best know under their Peace Division moniker one of the UK’s most successful tribal/tech house production duos releasing with many of the top labels of the 90’s including NRK, Junior London, Hooj and Crosstown Rebels. They also, however, crafted some sublime tracks under a different pseudonym Soul Purpose delivering some sumptuous deep house on Low Pressing Limited, an offshoot of Clive Henry and Rocky (X-Press 2) well loved Low Pressing label.

Now 26 years on from their final Low Pressing Limited release they are back with the ‘Selected Works’ release. It’s an EP compiled from the original Soul Purpose DAT tapes which have been fully remastered. The EP collates their entire Soul Purpose catalogue in one place for the first time.

Combining lush chords, rolling basslines and soulful overtones, the EP is a delight and a well needed re-release for tracks which previously were only picked up by some of the scenes key tastemakers back in the 90’s. You can check a sample of the EP below and grab it HERE.

To celebrate the release Clive Henry from the duo put together a very personal chart for us, taking us through his musical development and everything that fed into the DNA of both Peach Division and Soul Purpose, Check it out below.

Soul Purpose – Our Journey in 10 Tracks
Carl Douglas / Kung Fu Fighting

My childhood wasn’t too great, but I remember being given this as a present on 7′ inch. That’s probably what started my journey into music and vinyl!

Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force/ Planet Rock

This was a game changer for me when I first heard this record. It sounded like the future and nothing like anything I’d ever heard before. Still sounds bang on now after all this time! It’s a record that helped pave the way for me and my friends getting into graffiti and hip-hop culture. We used to go up to Covent Garden in Central London and hanging out and see the Chrome Angelz pieces that were so unreal.

Shannon / Let the Music Play

We used to have a roller disco called Dexys in our part of West London when we were shorties, and I remember hearing this and thinking.. WOW. It was so so good and still sounds mint today.

Cybotron / Clear

This was another mind-blowing moment in my formative years, being out nonstop, and being engulfed by amazing music. It was/is the sound of the future and still stands up to anything that’s being made now.

Wally Badarou / Chief Inspector

For an instrumental, this is so good. Simple AF but genius in its overall vibe. I remember hearing this loads, when I managed to start getting into some dodgy nightclubs with some of my older crew. I looked proper young back then.

Nitro Deluxe / Let’s Get Brutal

I seem to have chosen quite a few tracks from the 80s, but it was such a good era musically. When I was starting to get into buying records from Southall market on a Saturday morning with my mate REN 1, from our graff crew- The Vinyl Junkiez. To be honest, we were blessed with a plethora of good record stores round where we lived. Stage One, Stereo Records, Rayners Lane Records, Disco Centre, and Mega Mega.

Marshall Jefferson /Move Your Body

This track epitomizes the rave movement, and my introduction to it by my mates Rocky & Diesel (that went on to big tings as X-press 2 alongside Ashley Beedle). We used to be out virtually every night of the week. There was always something amazing to go to. Too many parties and clubs to mention on here but it was one of the best times of my life.

Radiohead /OK Computer L.P

I had a 2-month nightly residency at a club called the Highway Club in Malia in Crete, and this was the soundtrack at that time of my life. It was so far removed from what I was playing in the club every night. I used to go back to my little spot in the hills and watch the sun come up and put this on.

Nathan Fake / The Sky Was Pink (Holden Remix)

This absolutely melted my brain the first time I heard this! A masterpiece. Brings happy memories of when Ibiza wasn’t so much like it is now. Nothing lasts forever sadly, but I would rather remember it for how it was than focus on how it is now. The island had definitely got its own unique vibe and I still have a lot of family over there. I wish I could see them more often!

Soul Purpose / Selected Works

Well, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t put something that Justin & I did in this list of tunes! It’s crazy to think we did these tracks all those years back and they’re getting to see the light of day again in 2024 courtesy of Wolf Music. We are really happy and really grateful that they are reissuing them again, as I haven’t been in the studio as much as I would hope over the last few years.

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