Source Denies Fivio Foreign & Mellow Rackz Relationship Was Fake

Whew! The drama between Mellow Rackz, and Fivio Foreign has just been taken up a notch thanks to the mother of his children, Jasmine. After Mellow Rackz declared she was “Single Af” and no longer dating the rapper on Thursday, things got spicy. Not long after, he popped out on the ‘gram with Jasmine. 

As we previously reported, Jasmine had much to say about Mellow and Fivio’s relationship. She hopped on Instagram live and claimed it was fake and for publicity. However, a source close to the situation has denied all claims. The source exclusively told us, “That’s what Fivio must have told her, but Mellow and Fivio have been together months before going public.” 

We asked the source was there any signs that Fivio was cheating on Mellow with the mother of his children. The source shut that down, explaining the rapper would ignore all of Jasmine’s calls. Jasmine would even allegedly text Mellow’s phone saying she was “fu***d up for stealing her man. He said he was only around her to see the kids,” the source detailed.

With all of the drama, we had to see if there were any chance Mellow and Fivio would be able to reconcile. “Mellow is 20 years old and doesn’t deal with the mess. She posted she was single ASF because she knew Fivio was going to do something wild,” the source said. “Mellow is focusing on her career and getting to the bag but can literally go get him back right now.”

Fivio hasn’t spoken out about Jasmine’s claims, but it appears that he still follows Mellow on Instagram, and the source claims he is still calling her phone trying to contact her. Roommates, what do you think about this drama?


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