Supa Cent & Bee Marie Donate Over 10,000 Bottles Of Water To Jackson

Love Thy Neighbor! As Jackson, Mississippi, residents are struggling amid the fourth day of the water crisis, two women are doing what they can to make a difference. Social media personality and entrepreneur Supa Cent and her best friend Bee Marie kept their word. They headed down to Jackson from New Orleans to provide clean water to the community. The women took to their Instagram with an empty bus to advise they gave out over 10,000 bottles of water.

The women took to their Instagram, sitting in an empty bus provided by Bus Ion Get Tired that was full of water just hours before.

“We came down here as promised, boots on the ground, to make sure that we did our part,” Bee said. “Today, we’ve given out over 10,000 bottles of water to the community.”

Supa chimed in, thanking her followers for providing them with the location to pass out the water. The boss best friends initially announced about heading down to Jackson on Thursday. The Crayon Case CEO wrote on Instagram, “@1bee_marie & I decided to rent a Uhaul to load up for the Mississippi water shortage. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any, but @bus_idgt_partybus was available to help. Today we are filling up the party bus with cases of water. Anybody in Jackson, Mississippi, please dm us locations for drop-offs. We will head out early tomorrow morning. Don’t forget to #LoveThyNeighbor during difficult times!!”

Shortly after, the women headed to Costco with their teams gathering tons of cases of water.

The water couldn’t have come at a better time. CNN reports that residents have been instructed to shower with mouths closed as water treatment plant repairs continue.

Our thoughts are with those affected by this tragedy.

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