‘The Escape’ is the individualistic new single from Jaivy about ‘escaping the world today’ | New Music

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This infatuating new single is born from the ingenious mind of multitalented creative force Jaivy – ‘The Escape‘ is an in depth journey traversing a dense sonic soundscape of interwoven, masterfully layered timbres and instruments. The drum groove is incessantly catchy and is the focal point of the prodigious mix upon which layers of gorgeous piano melodies and subtle keyboards are nestled amongst a powerful bassline & complimentary claps. Despite being an instrumental release, The Escape conveys an integral message about the importance of independence – ‘The Escape stands for escaping the world of today. Leaving the masses and following your own path. Building your own legacy.’ Over a 3 week period, Jaivy spent every night after work writing, producing, mixing & mastering the single as part of his one man project and all his hard work culminated into the incredible single that is ‘The Escape.’ – a truly unmissable masterpiece.

Dutch-Indonesian musician Jaivy is a true Jazz aficionado who is a triple threat in the world of music; the pianist, producer and independent artist has been engrossed in music from a young age and had impressively developed his skill set over a long stint in the music scene. Growing up in a music centered family, Jaivy had a rich musical diet in his childhood with a focus on the sound of 60s and 70s music. At age 11, Jaivy took up piano lessons and spouted his love for ivories to then go on to take advanced lessons in Groningen but decided to pursue an education in Sound Engineering at Leeuwarden University. Throughout his college years, Jaivy carefully crafted his unique sound, style & alter ego and this dedication to developing his stagecraft led to his debut release on all streaming platforms entitled ‘In The Dark’ in 2018. Jaivy truly is a remarkably promising talent in the instrumental scene and is guaranteed to soon make his unique mark on the industry.

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