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We have featured The Disco Express quite a few times here on the pages of Le Visiteur and with very good reason, quite simply they have become one of the most energetic and unstoppable disco brands out there and they have done it a relatively short period of time developing from monthly club night in London to delivering club nights all over the globe. They also launched their own record label which has kept up a rock solid quality despite a rather frenetic release schedule, something most labels don’t manage to live up to.

Along the way they have built a strong team pushing the brand forward alongside a loyal DJ and producer roster. For the Disco Express the future is very bright indeed.

One of the driving forces behind The Disco Express is Bustin’ Loose, Tom to his friends. He has developed into a superb producer in his own right over the last few years, and he has just released a brand new EP, The Link Up from which we premiered Marlena a couple of days back. You can check the Premier below and grab the EP HERE, please give it a share if you are feeling the love!

To celebrate the release of the EP Le Visiteur spoke to Bustin’ Loose about his own career and all things Disco.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for talking to us. How are you spending the day?

Hi! Thanks so much for having me. Currently, I’m in Rome having spent the weekend here. Today I’m taking in the views and seeing the sights before heading home to the UK.

Where are you from and where are you based these days?

Croydon, South London (massive). Though these days I’m based a little further out saving up a bit of dosh to avoid the extortionate London rent.

What do you love about where you are living?

It’s peaceful. Living in the countryside is surprisingly relaxing. Try it! It’s nice to have a bit of respite in between touring and gigs in multiple cities.

How long have you been making music?

Since 2012 really! Though I only started taking it seriously in 2019 when I got my first break releasing on Berlin label Toy Tonics. In terms of the industry, I first began DJing in 2013 where I held down a residency with friends at the infamous New Cross Inn.

What came first DJing or production?

I suppose both came at the same time. I used to play drums in a band called Kabogaeries. So, making music has always been a part of my journey.

What kind of artists, DJs, genres were you into growing up?

Everyone goes through phases of music growing up. My first CD was actually an Elvis: Greatest Hits! Then I delved into heavier stuff, then more indie stuff then shades of dub, reggae, garage, and funk until I finally landed on house and disco.
In life, especially when you’re growing up, you explore different sounds, learn more, and discover what’s right for you, you know? It’s hard to pinpoint an exact time, but when I first got into DJing that was when I gravitated towards dance music.

Would you say you have had a mentor along the way?

Not really to be honest! A lot of what I’ve experienced has been self- taught or inspired by art. Friends and family naturally give you that kick up the arse to truly help you find your feet and grow as a person. In that sense, it’s them I’ve got to thank.

What was your first release as Bustin’ Loose?

My ‘Edit Series’ release that came out on Toy Tonics in 2019.

What do you feel has been your most notable release, which one made the biggest impact?

The Iridescence EP I brought out in Summer 2021. It’s a homage to my trip touring round South East Asia. All the music is original and inspired by the locations I visited. It’s a real mix of Nu-Disco, Electronic, Breakbeat and House. It came out on vinyl, and I was pretty stoked with the reception.

When did you start promoting parties and what is the party ethos?

Technically in 2015 when I started working at Canavan’s Pool Club in Peckham. I had a residency every Tuesday and every other weekend. The night was called Bustin’ Loose and we played a bit of everything!
The ethos was inspired by Chuck Brown’s famous track ‘Bustin’ Loose’ all about breaking free of convention and most appropriately the 9-5 routine, to let your hair down and escape with a night out on the dance floor.

Tell us some of the guests you’ve had?

Over my time in events and music, we’ve had a few! Some highlights would be: Dimitri From Paris, Crazy P, Dave Lee, Glenn Underground, Marcellus Pittman, Soundstream, Jacques Renault, Kon, Tiger & Woods, Dabeull, Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy… too many to name them all.

Who else would you like to book that you haven’t managed to yet?

Joe Clausell, DJ Harvey, Folamour, Salute, Dan Shake, Al Kent, Pedro Winter and some more.

At what point was the label born?

In 2020. Our first release was the Disco Ride VA.

Have you been Djing much on your local scene and where have you played most recently?

25 Paul St for The Disco Express London residency. Hawaii, Berlin, Paris, and Rome for our international gigs so far in 2024.

What’s your favourite club in London and why?

I like Phonox, the soundsystem and line ups are great. 25 Paul St is a banging little club, and I love Metropolis for colour, frivolity and debaucherous nature. Colour Factory is always good fun, so is Jazz Cafe. Hard to pick really! When Printworks was a thing, I would’ve probably have said that.

Who are the artists that you think are making great music currently?

Magnolia, Sparkling Attitude, Generoco, Doche, The Wild Violets, Larry Houl, Golden Gate, Art of Tones, Soundsmith, Georges, Moodena, D’Arabia, Luke Delite, Michelle Weeks, Leslie Lello, Kornum, Luksek, Hotmood, Sean Den, Joi N’Juno, Giman & Chic_Ago and many more..

What’s the most recent record you purchased or downloaded?

LOVEHRTZ – LOVEHRTZ Vol.4 from Horizons Music.

The Link Up is a solid collection. Can you give us a short round up of the EP?

Thanks! The Link Up is a collaborative project teaming together with artists on The Disco Express. I never really had a plan or intention at the beginning. It was only until I realised how many artists from The Disco Express I had collaborated with, it hit me. ‘What a cool idea it’d be to do an EP themed around collaboration’. The Link Up EP is exactly that, music that joins the dots between our team in London, Berlin, New York and Paris.

You seem committed to working with new talent. Tell us about this aspect of you?

Part of The Disco Express ethos is to give artists a platform to perform. Pun intended, I think new artists, especially young artists, need that leg up to get their chance and achieve their full potential. Also, when I was an artist and performer growing up, too many old fogies who think they know everything, wouldn’t bat an eyelid at me. They kind of look and you and think ‘who are you?’. For me, I get demos sent to me ALL the time. I listen to every single one.

I like proving them wrong by showing age isn’t anything but a number and you can be successful no matter how old you are or inexperienced you are. What’s funny is I’ve proved them wrong time and time again.

Tell us about Catalina and what else she has done?

I met Catalina in New York last year by complete chance. When I was waiting for Magnolia in Central Park, Catalina jumped on the mic with a jazz quartet. She sang At Last by Etta James and her performance blew me away! It was weird because shortly before that I was thinking how much we need a singer for our new track Paradise, and poof! Like a genie from a bottle Catalina appeared!

Catalina was over in New York to make music just as we were. Perhaps it was coincidence, perhaps fate. Either way, she’s super talented, a joy to work with and one to watch for the future.

Who are the other musicians and artists on this EP that you would like to shout out?

Magnolia, Soundsmith, Pete Maxey, Elliot Chapman, Foot-Loose, Georges on the mix, Bruno Gruel and Parisian Soul on the master. Congrats to these guys, they all did a great job.

What are you working on next that you can share?

Our 75th release! A vinyl compilation of our favourite remixes from the label. Exciting!

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